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The Comins Tea House package has arrived...

Today we received a parcel from Rob and Michelle at Comins Tea House - with one of their amazing tea gift sets inside. When we launched the site we had the honour of the first placing the first live order and we ordered some Assam, this afternoon we opened the package to find a tea set for two!

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Create design that means something

It was whilst working on our rebrand that I questioned who we are as a company and what direction we should be taking. What clients should we work for? What style of design should we focus on?

It’s easy when you work in the design industry to focus on design itself and not actually consider who you work for, or what they do.

The competition to be at the cutting edge of the web, or to produce something that is brilliantly designed seems to have replaced the need to consider why we are doing it? Are we all just chasing the kudos of our peers?

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What are Open Source Content Management Systems?

I’m going to write this like you are asking questions and I’m answering them. If you could imagine me pointing at things with the stem of a pipe whilst reading this that would be great, thanks.

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Art Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane

Exhausted after seeing Bob Dylan the night before (thought I’d drop that in there), I trundled off to Brick Lane last Sunday morning to catch the famous Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair, just round the corner from the Truman Brewery. Even at just an hour after opening, the queue went around the block and we were nodded in by door-men. As a connoisseur of carboot sales, I can confirm that this was no ordinary bring’n’buy.

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