What's the plot?

I'm lucky enough to head up a team of dedicated, skilled and fun people. All of them with their own strengths and quirks. Every day is interesting and presents new challenges... even before I start interacting with clients!

Your favourite scene?

It's a joy to be working in the design industry. We can help our clients have a huge impact on what they are trying to achieve. Comparing the "before" and "after" of the work we do, and developing a trusting relationship for years to come, means that getting out of bed is never a chore.

Your back-story?

From a young age I've dedicated a lot of my time to anything visual. I've worked in a variety of creative industries such as Photography, Fine Art, Teaching, Print and Digital Design.

I had formal training as a fine artist, and I've found these creative skills are transferable across the creative sector. They have continued to inform my personal practice, and how we operate as a company to this day.

I built my first website in 1999. It had the same feel as leaving a painting on a wall and stepping away from it; since that point I've been hooked.

The industry has changed phenomenally since 1999, and we've had to change with it. Everything we do evolves, we never stop learning, and it's a joy to work in an industry that is never dull.


I play bass guitar badly (I'd probably be a better drummer), and have a series of children's books planned (but probably will never have time to make them). I've also made a film using soup cans, and so far, I’ve run workshops teaching seven to eighty-year-olds how to make websites. The seven-year-olds are easier to teach, in case you're wondering.

Your motivation?

I want the work we do as a design company to give something back. Working in the design industry can mean that it's all too easy to focus solely on profit, so I'd like to leave this industry a better place, by supporting clients who are trying to achieve positive things.

years in the industry
double jointed thumbs
Expert in saying yes and no at the same time