About Us

We’re a design studio that helps good people achieve great things.

That’s it. That’s what we do. It took many years to define that, so we're glad you’re reading this now rather than when we started in 2003.

We suppose you want to know what that actually means?

It means that we focus on people and what they are trying to achieve.

We believe that the best design is produced when both client and studio are working towards solving the same problems. 

We have a process to do this. We’ll collaborate and guide you through it. We’ll support you and make it simple. Because we care about your end goals, we will challenge you when necessary. And we’ll do it with expertise, humanity and humour. 

The outcome is exceptional design tailored to your organisation and your users.

This is our motto...

Work for good. 
Do good work. 
Have fun.

Purpose, creativity and process

We need to know your purpose. It is the root of our process.

Why are you doing what you're doing? How can we help you achieve that? How can we apply experience and creativity to innovate?

Years of experience has taught us that no two projects are the same. This means we adjust our process to get the best from you and, in turn, the best for your audience.

Our clients are driven people.

They work in a broad variety of fields, and in companies, charities and organisations of all sizes.

The common element between them is that they are focused on making or supporting a change in their field.

Their passion usually means that financial reward is not their only goal. They have an audience they need to reach. They have projects they want to complete. They want to communicate their message and make a change. This is what we help them achieve.

Meet the core team

Collectively, we have spent more than 15 years working together, and we haven’t fallen out yet.

We are still working with some of the same clients as when we first started. This is what some of them say about us…

Rob Foddering


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Chloe Roach

Design Strategist

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David Gibson

Lead Designer

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Opportunities & Associates

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