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The evolution of the b-side brand

Back in 2009, we pitched a new brand identity and website for b-side Arts Festival. We won and since then it's been an amazing journey and we haven't looked back. At the time, they were a new organisation with a debut arts festival under their belt. Every two years, they plan and deliver an arts festival in Weymouth & Portland, Dorset. Since their beginnings as a small biennial arts event, they have grown into a very impressive and well-regarded National Portfolio Organisation, funded by the Arts Council England.

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b-side festival 2018, Portland Dorset

My parents met in the county of Dorset and moved to London shortly after where I was born. Like many families we moved out before any long term damage could manifest.

Nice try parents…

I’ve lived in a lot of places over the years so I’m not sure where I would call home. Of all those places Dorset is where I’ve visited family so it’s a special place to me. I think a lot of other people also find it special.

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Rooftop Collaboration Day

As a remote team we talk a lot over video, this has huge benefits but it's important to take stock and make time to catch up in person. We try and meet up in unusual locations and this time it was the roof top at Village Underground in East London (note the iconic tube trains!).

I'm determined next time to have our collaboration day in a barge on the Thames.

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Round Up of 2016 (Warning: Contains Awards)

Well, here we are. The end of 2016, and what a rollercoaster of a year it’s been (for us, and the rest of the world, it seems). At Wired Canvas, it has been a time of change and evolution, and we’ve faced some challenges, but more importantly made a lot of huge achievements.

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4 Fantastic Children’s Charity Websites (Charity Web Design Series Part 4)

We've collected 4 examples of children's charities who have amazing websites. Many of them provide valuable resources for families in a user-friendly and accessible way. They also have a clever use of visual design; often using friendly and welcoming design in order to tackle difficult topics.

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6 Great Arts and Community Charity Websites (Charity Web Design Series Part 3)

Read our thoughts on these great arts and community charity websites. All of these sites have innovative and creative ways of presenting content, and capture the vibrancy and variety of the organisations. They have excellent visitor information, and many feature membership or 'friends' schemes.
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5 Brilliant Health Charity Websites (Charity Web Design Series Part 2)

Part 2 of our charity website design series focusses on health charity websites. All of these sites have excellent web accessibility standards, and very clear 'help and support' sections. They are designed to be used by older people or those with accessibility requirements. These are some wonderful examples of health charities using their websites to support their audience.
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5 Amazing Animal Charity Websites (Charity Web Design Series Part 1)

Welcome to part 1 of our series on the best charity websites, starting with animal charity websites. We have found some amazing examples of animal charities who are using their digital platforms as a way to balance the needs of animal lovers, volunteers and funders.
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What makes good feedback?

This blog is dedicated to how your feedback can help us design the right website/brand/print for your project and how your feedback is essential, not hindering, to the project’s success.

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