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Part 3: Speaking to SkyWay’s audience


In the last part of this blog series I wrote about how we developed SkyWay’s new strapline, but I...

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Part 2: A new strapline for London charity SkyWay


A few weeks ago we started working with the charity SkyWay on a rebrand - you can read about the...

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Part 1: Rebranding ambitious London charity SkyWay


Over the last few weeks, we’ve been busy getting to know our new client - SkyWay. SkyWay is a...

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The frustrating world of brand, positioning and jargon


‘Positioning? Why don’t you position this?’ When people ask what I do for a living they’re not...

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Five inspiring brands for children and young people’s organisations


1. Girls Who Code Established in 2012 on the other side of the pond, Girls Who Code was set up...

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Four great charity and social enterprise brands that tell a story


Over the last few months we’ve been working on a rebrand for the wonderful London-based charity...

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Online workshops without lockdown lethargy


Over the last few months, many charities, businesses and social enterprises have been forced to...

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Demonstrating a return on investment (ROI) for charity branding


It was during a recent chat to a client that the conversation turned to return on investment (ROI)...

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Putting our website under the microscope


New year, new start! We decided to kick off 2020 by reviewing our own website and thinking about...

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Our 2019, wrapped


We’ve had another jam-packed year at Wired Canvas, and we’re almost ready to hang our stockings by...

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Don't keep pressing the snooze button on your brand and website


Investing in your brand and website might feel like a distraction from ‘real work’, but here’s why...

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Why adventure play is making Islington awesome


Earlier this year we started a fantastic project with the wonderfully named Awesome, who have six...

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Come on baby, don’t fear the rebrand


The prospect of rebranding can often be a daunting one. It throws up a multitude of questions about...

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The evolution of the b-side brand


Back in 2009, we pitched a new brand identity and website for b-side Arts Festival. We won and...

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b-side festival 2018


My parents met in the county of Dorset and moved to London shortly after where I was born. Like...

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Rooftop collaboration day


As a remote team we talk a lot over video, this has huge benefits but it's important to take stock...

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Round up of 2016 (Warning: contains awards)


Well, here we are. The end of 2016, and what a rollercoaster of a year it’s been (for us, and the...

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Five fantastic homelessness and poverty charity websites


This blog is continuing our series around Charity Websites, identifying effective features and best...

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Four fantastic children’s charity websites


Having recently launched a new website for the international charity Worldwide Veterinary Service,...

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Six great arts and community charity websites


Having recently launched a new website for the international charity Worldwide Veterinary Service,...

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Five brilliant health charity websites


Having recently launched a new website for the international charity Worldwide Veterinary Service,...

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Five amazing animal charity websites


Having recently launched a new website for the international charity Worldwide Veterinary Service,...

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What makes good feedback?


As a design studio, we regularly ask for feedback from our clients to ensure our work achieves the...

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Supporting creativity in schools with design


Over the last few months we’ve worked with Bow Arts to help deliver the design for two of their...

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Our new website and lots of affirmations (YES)!


I know some of you have been going crazy waiting for part three of our rebrand blog, so we have...

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Wired Canvas are now Google Partners!


It’s true, we are now officially Google Partners. If ever you needed more proof of this, last week...

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Our rebrand and redesign (and why you should set a deadline and budget)


In our last blog, Rob talked about our new purpose and brand (and a hallucinogenic pear), but he...

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Our new purpose and brand (and a hallucinogenic pear)


Did you ever see the Oliver Stone biopic of The Doors?  There's a scene where the band drives out...

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The Wired Canvas Christmas card 2015


Some of you may have noticed that we have recently launched a new website (it's not like we've been...

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How to make an artist website using Wordpress


Here at Wired Canvas HQ we spend a lot of our time building websites for art galleries, creative...

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Conscientious flippers


It’s important to keep fit when your job involves sitting in front of a computer all day making...

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The highest Christmas card in Europe


This year we thought we'd do something a bit different and attempt to send the highest Christmas...

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Journey mapping for arts organisations


Welcome to part six of our Wired Canvas Discuss series, in which we sat down with journalist Amy...

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How to host video online


Alice: The world of video is upon us, Rob. Surely we need a fancy schmancy souped up website to...

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How to apply for a job (or internship) in a digital web design studio or agency


Having been on the receiving end of what you lot are sending out, there seems to be one simple and...

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Image copyright in social media


In part four of our Wired Canvas Discuss series, freelance journalist Amy Oliver got us talking...

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High resolution images for print


This week (through the haze of our Christmas party) the Wired Canvas discuss blog series continues...

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Instagram for arts marketing


Last week we looked at how Arts Marketers can take advantage of the awesome social media tool...

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Storify for arts organisations


We invited ace journalist Amy Oliver to come and interview us about how arts organisations could...

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Using Pinterest for arts marketing, charities and small businesses


You must admit: Pinterest has been pretty hard to ignore over the last few months. In December last...

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The Comins Tea House package has arrived...


Today we received a parcel from Rob and Michelle at Comins Tea House - with one of their amazing...

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Create design that means something


It was whilst working on our rebrand that I questioned who we are as a company and what direction...

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What are open source content management systems?


What is open source software? We believe in the power of open source. Open Source Software is...

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Art Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane


Exhausted after seeing Bob Dylan the night before (thought I’d drop that in there), I trundled off...

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KUBE, The Final Hour


Last weekend I took photos of the last hour the Kube gallery was open to the public:

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Robot dance world record


It's not everyday you get to take part in a World Record Attempt! Yesterday the Kube attempted to...

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The Journal of Arts Marketing


The hub map I produced last year (or as some call it ‘the hub brain’) has been published in The...

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