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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a funny business so we’ll try to keep it simple… When you search for something on Google, it returns every site that it believes is relevant and organises them by importance and relevance.

Engines often interpret relevance as 'popularity'. If a website has lots of links from reputable sites (especially .edu or .ac.uk domains for example) then it considers them as endorsements, and rates it as higher quality and importance than a website that nobody has linked to, and will therefore rank it higher in search results.

If you wish to appear higher in relevant search results then one way is link-building - i.e. increasing the number of links pointing at your website. We strongly recommend you start by reading Link Building Strategies by Job Cooper who inspired this whole marketing ideas generator in the first place!

In the meantime, you can make a small start in link-building by asking partner organisations, peers, colleagues and friends for a link to your website. In exchange you can offer to link to theirs!

A word of warning: it is never worth 'buying links'. There are lots of platforms out there who will claim to allow you to purchase links to boost your SEO. However this is very much frowned upon by Google, who are also very good at spotting 'paid for' links. Likewise, it is also frowned upon to pay other websites for links, even by providing free goods or discount in exchange for links (just take a look at how Interflora was penalised by Google for doing exactly this). So whatever you do; never buy links!!

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