Type: · Time: 4 Weeks · Complexity: Moderate

It is essential to ask your audience what they think about your organisation. Ask for suggestions for improvements, or if they have any queries or concerns. Are they fully aware about your work? How do they find out about what you’re doing? Where do they hang out that you are not (in terms of marketing opportunities)? Use it to identify any weaknesses or opportunities. You could keep it anonymous - which may allow for more honest and candid responses - or offer to enter them into a prize-draw which may encourage a higher number of responses. 

Be careful not to ask too many leading questions - such as 'agree' or 'disagree'. Instead, try to prompt them to share insightful answers. Rather than asking them if they like something, instead perhaps ask what they think of it - and leave it open for them to respond as they wish. You will get much more informative answers. 

Use a simple survey service such as SurveyMonkey or Google Forms. to create an online questionnaire. SurveyMonkey's free package allows for 10 questions and up to 100 responses, whilst their pro accounts start at £24. Google Forms is completely free but a lot more limited in your options. 

How we can help: 

As well as design, we also help a lot of our clients with general tech support. This has included helping with building forms, surveys and admin systems. We know how to build efficient, cost effective solutions that will help you run your organisation. We have also completed a lot of customer research on behalf of our clients, so we know how to help get the best information out of your customers! If you need help exploring customer feedback forms, or if you want to take your general marketing strategy further, we at Wired Canvas can help. Have a look at our portfolio to see how we've helped others in the past and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!