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We all know that we should listen to our staff. But have you considered asking for their opinions anonymously? Your staff may have some great ideas and suggestions that they are too shy to suggest, or secretly harbour some concerns or complaints that they are worried about raising in person. Set up a 100% anonymous online survey or put up a suggestion box so that they feel comfortable voicing their honest opinions, and ask for their feedback and suggestions. Be sure to keep it neutral, non-judgemental and make sure that you address (or at least consider) all points raised. Most survey services offer the ability to ask for anonymous responses. 

How we can help: 

As well as design, we also help a lot of our clients with general tech support. This has included helping with building forms, surveys and admin systems. We know how to build efficient, cost effective solutions that will help you run your organisation. If you need help delivering this marketing idea, or if you want to take your strategy further, we at Wired Canvas can help. Have a look at our portfolio to see how we've helped others in the past and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!