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Woah woah, hold up… You do have a website don’t you? You have a high quality, modern website? And it has its own domain (ie. www.yourname.com and not www.yourname.buildawebsiteforfree.com/username)? And you do update it regularly yourself, right?

If the answer to any of the above is “no” then it’s time to go back to the start. Forget everything else you read on the Marketing Ideas Generator. Having a high quality website on it’s own domain that you can make regular changes to yourself; this is by far the most important marketing tool that you will ever have. It is the basis of most of the items on this list, so it worth getting right.

How we can help: 

If you do not have a website then talk to a professional web designer immediately. In fact, why not talk to us? We specialise in building websites for arts organisations! If you don’t have a budget to commission a professional website, then take a look at our blog titled 'How to make an Artist Website using Wordpress'.