Type: · Time: 6 Weeks · Complexity: Moderate

Contests have massive value in so many ways. Whether you are hoping to gain traffic and exposure, get some free market research (asking your audience their opinion on something valuable to you), engage your audience, build your network list, or gain social media followers… a well-planned online contest can do all of these things at once, and more!

Creative contests in particular are a great way to gather inspirational ideas, cool visuals, feedback from your audience and innovative suggestions. Students and young artists are always looking for new ways to show off their talent and if you’re looking for more help or to grow your team, organising a contest to produce a piece of work can be a great way of discovering new talent. On the other hand, don’t be afraid of simple ‘form’ contests. They are easier to create and manage and help with all of the benefits listed above. You could set up a smaller contest for your existing clients to win prizes such as products or tickets, a free service/experience, or even a complimentary tour of your business. Consider partnering with another company to get great giveaway prizes - such as a local business. Make sure you give away something that a large percentage of your audiences will want.

Don’t forget to use your website and chosen social media platforms to promote your competitions and share the progress and results.