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Flickr is a useful tool not just for marketing but also general productivity. All Flickr accounts now come with a massive 1 terabyte of storage, far more than almost any other online free image storage system. If you are using Dropbox to store and share your image database internally, definitely consider switching to Flickr. Use it as a platform to store all of your marketing/press images and document events and exhibitions. Having these well organised on a public platform is an extremely useful resource to have at hand, for press, marketing or just audience engagement. You can set images to have different ‘Creative Commons’ privileges, so that press and journalists can easily download and use your press images within their marketing (even if it is only the smaller low resolution versions of the file). Make it easy for journalists to cover your work and you will get more PR coverage!

Once you have created your Flickr account, why not embed a widget in your website so that people can easily find your photos? And take a look at submitting your photos to Flickr groups too for extra visibility.

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