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Markets definitely change at different times of the year. Think about it; the way that you market yourself during the school summer holidays should be different to how you market yourself in the run up to Christmas, especially if your audience are families or young people. Some businesses and organisations can shy away from seasonal campaigns as they can feel tacky or cheesy. But seasonal marketing can be done tastefully, and this is a wasted opportunity.

Think about your target audience and what they are likely to be doing at the time of the year, as well as how much disposable income and available time they may have. What are they going to be looking for? In the run up to Christmas they will probably be very busy, so asking them to attend events might be tricky, but making it easy to purchase gifts through your website would be a good opportunity. Likewise, in the summer they may have less disposable income but are looking for affordable activities to keep their children busy, or outdoor evening events to enjoy in the sunshine. Make sure your website is updated regularly to highlight content that is most relevant to people's needs, and rearranged to highlight the key actions that you wish your audience to take at different times of the year.

Try to plan your marketing at least 3-4 months in advance so that you can take these factors into account. It could even help with your budget!

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