Type: · Time: Ongoing · Complexity: Moderate

Tumblr is a microblog, similar to a blog, but users can post smaller pieces of content such as pieces of text, images or video links, without the need to create a larger more in depth post. Tumblr can be useful for keeping your target audience up-to-date with little snippets of information regarding your work, such as inspiration, new projects or videos, and can be used to follow other blogs and monitor the competition!

Like Facebook, Tumblr blogs can be scheduled in advance so they are great for busy people, and they have an excellent mobile app for iOS or Android so are great if you want a blog that you can update regularly whilst ‘on the go’. Because Tumblr is so easy to use and quick to update, it is a great place to create smaller micro-blogs dedicated solely to individual exhibitions or projects. You can have one account with multiple blogs within it.

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