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Twitter is the perfect platform to communicate directly with your audience. Think of it less as a marketing platform and more of a direct line of dialogue with your followers. Twitter provides a really good Twitter for Small Businesses guide which is a great place to start. Kissmetrics also have an excellent Beginner's Guide to Twitter. You should also read this article 'Should Arts Organisations use Twitter?' by Jake Orr about how arts organisations should and should not be using Twitter. An essential read before you click that "Sign up" button.

Tip: Get all your staff tweeting

See your organisation “through the eyes” of all of your staff; they will all have a unique take and voice. Encourage multiple staff to tweet through your organisation’s business account (ask them to sign off each tweet with their initials). You will get more interesting and broad content, with some fun ‘behind the scenes’ tweets.

Tip: Do not automate posts between Facebook and Twitter!

There are options to automatically share Facebook posts on Twitter and vice versa. Don’t do this! They are very different platforms and deserve to be treated differently. Twitter should be more conversational and brief, whereas Facebook has the option for longer posts with additional media. Don’t be lazy - tailor your content for both!

Tip: Pay with a tweet

Pay with a tweet means you give people access to your content or product once they tweet or post about it. Pay with a Tweet is good for making your product or post go viral! This would be a great way to give away freebies or event tickets, or a way for people to access interesting and unique content that you have created. Visit www.paywithatweet.com for more details.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a way of adding additional context and metadata to your tweets, meaning your followers can identify and follow updates related to a specific area of your business or brand. Effectively, by adding a hash (#) at the start of a single word or phrase, you create a link that can be followed to view all content tagged with that hashtag. Hashtags were made ‘famous’ by Twitter, but they’re now pretty much ubiquitous across the web and all of the major social networks have adopted them - including Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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