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Do you sell tickets or products online? Review your site and check that the process is very user-friendly, obvious and simple. Maybe ask a friend or relative (ideally somebody who is not very tech-savvy) to test it out whilst you watch. Do they get stuck or confused at any stage during the checkout? If it is difficult then you may be losing customers who give up during the process, so it is important to make sure this is seamless and easy. Identify any problematic areas and talk to your web designer about how these issues can be addressed and improved.

If you don’t have an online booking system, yet are selling ticketed events, it is time to seriously consider adding it to your website. There are online services such as Spektrix who offer a powerful ticketing system designed especially for arts organisations. You will benefit from reducing the ‘friction’ of booking tickets for your customers, and will see a rise in ticket bookings. If you only occasionally have ticketed events, consider using something like Eventbrite to sell tickets, which provides easy-to-use HTML widgets to embed on your website event pages.

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