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Contact your favourite blogs (within your industry niche) and offer to write an article for them, or invite other bloggers to contribute content for your own site. When I say ‘industry niche’ I don’t necessarily mean art or charities or your business/product. If you are a wildlife photographer, consider contacting wildlife or nature blogs, and see if they would accept a blog about your work. If you are a performer or dancer, considering contacting fitness and wellbeing blogs to talk about dance. If you sell homewares, why not reach out to property or lifestyle blogs? Working with existing publications in other niches and harnessing their audience is highly effective way to expand your credibility and profile, grow your network and build links to your website.

Don’t use it as an opportunity to talk about and sell yourself; instead try to use it as a platform to demonstrate your knowledge in your field, and produce something interesting for readers. If people enjoy your article then they will find out more about your work, trust your advice and this will form a much stronger audience engagement long term.

If you are writing for a blog or website, ask them to link back to your own website. Most articles include profile/biography section for their guest writers as well!

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