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Whatever your industry, creating a YouTube channel is incredibly valuable. Having videos embedded on your website is great for SEO and audience engagement, with video becoming increasingly important in a mobile world.

If you are a charity, YouTube is an excellent opportunity to tell stories and engage fundraisers. Crisis at Christmas make particularly good use of YouTube throughout their website. 

Arts marketers in particular have a great opportunity with YouTube because video is ideally suited to the arts, whether it be documenting events, producing new video art commissions, creating walk-through tours of exhibitions, promotional videos for shows or interviewing artists. YouTube videos can also be embedded directly into your website or blog, which is great for engaging your audience and impressing potential funders.

Businesses can make great use of YouTube as well. For example, product demonstrations or tours of your service/premesis. Adding user guides or advice to YouTube is particularly helpful for customers and will improve your SEO and reputation. 

You can build playlists in YouTube for your own personal use, and also on your website for your visitors to watch as recommendations. If you have your own work on YouTube, consider organising it into themed playlists to help your viewers browse your work.

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