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Once you have invested all that time perfecting and launching an amazing website, it is incredibly easy to forget to update it. Take a look at your website now:

  • Is all the information on there still accurate?
  • Is all of your latest work on there?
  • Is there any old or expired content that needs deleting?
  • When did you last update your blog?

Your website should always be full of fresh new content. New content is a major factor in terms of where you rank in Google. If you regularly update your social media platforms but forget about your website then you need to rethink your strategy; always post on your website first, and then share that content on your networks. Your marketing strategy should be about driving new audiences to your website where they can find out about your upcoming work and events.

Look back through your blog and website. Is there old or expired content on there that needs updating? Maybe past events that you could now upload images or even videos from, reviews by publications or quotes from visitors who attended. Give your site a refresh by updating existing content that is out of date. Make this a regular event on the monthly calendar so that it doesn’t build up!

Your website should run on a CMS (Content Management System) - meaning that it is quick and easy to log in and update yourself. If it’s not and you can’t update it yourself then speak to your web developer or contact us about building a new website.

How we can help: 

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